Anthony J. Camp - Nos. 12-14

12. George IV (1762-1830)

1779. Mary Hamilton
1780. Harriot Vernon
1780-1. Mary 'Perdita' Robinson
1781-2. Elizabeth Bridget Armitstead
1781. Countess von Hardenburg
1781. Grace Dalrymple Elliott
                         Georgina Augusta Frederica Elliott, Lady Charles Cavendish-                                                                                            Bentinck [uncertain]
1781. Lady Augusta Campbell
1781. Elizabeth Sheridan
1782. Countess of Salisbury
1782. Mrs Sarah Mills
c.1782. Signora Pietro Carnivale
1783. Anna Sophia Hodges
1783. Lady Melbourne
                          George Lamb [probably fact]
1780s. Mrs Clare
1780s. Mrs Caroline Anderson
1783-5. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire
1784. Charlotte Fortescue
1785. Lady Bampfylde
1785-94 & 1799-1809. Mrs Maria Fitzherbert
                                                                         (and Marquis de Belloy)
                          James Ord [fiction]
                          John Ord [fiction]
                          Julia Payne [fiction]
                          Henry Augustus Frederick Hervey [fiction]
                          John Smith [fiction]
                          Randolph Payne [fiction]
                          William Payne [fiction]
                          Mary Ann Smythe, Mrs Edward Stafford Jerningham [fiction]
                          Mary Seymour, Mrs George Dawson Damer [fiction]
                           Jane Atkinson or Mills, Mrs Robert Moore Bowman [fiction]
                           Mrs Sophia Elizabeth Guelph Sims [fiction]
                           George Payne [fiction]
                           John Jennings Smith [fiction]
1780s. Laetitia, Lady Lade
1786. Mrs Maria Cosway
1786. Miss Woolston alias Wilson
                            Horace Hayman Wilson [fiction]
1788. Mrs Charlotte Johnstone
1788. Elizabeth Billington
c.1790. Elizabeth Harrington
?1790s. Mrs Anna Crewe
1791-2. Anna Maria Crouch
1791. Mrs Rea
                            William Rea [fiction]
1790. Harriott Archer
1790s. Marie Louise Hilligsberg
1790s. Lucy Howard
                            George Howard [? fiction]
1790s. Daughters of Mr Hyfield
c.1791. Mrs Bristow
c.1791. Eleanor Fox
1792. Miss Paget
1794-8. Lady Jersey
1795. Caroline, Princess of Brunswick
                            Captain John Goode [fiction]
1795. Mrs Elizabeth Liptrap
                            John Liptrap [fiction]
1796. Ann Candy
                            Charles Candy [fiction]
1797. Duchess of Manchester
1798. Lady Horatia Seymour
                            Mary Georgina Emma Seymour, Mrs George Dawson Damer [fiction]
1798-9. Elizabeth Fox or Crowle
                            George Seymour Crole [fact]
1798-1808. Mrs Hope
1798-1808. Mrs Cholmondeley
1798-1808. Mrs General Hamilton
?1790s. Miss Menzies
1799. Honoria Dutton nee Gubbins
pre-1800. Countess of Massereene
1799-1814. Sarah Brown or Elizabeth Hampshire
                            William Hampshire [fiction]
                            George Hampshire [fiction]
1800. Mrs Mary Anne Nash
                            James Pennethorne [fiction]
1801. Harriette Wilson
180?. Mrs N--
180?. Lady R--
1802. Louise Josephine, Comtesse de Mesnard
                            Francois Louis Laporte, Comte de Castelnau [fiction]
1802-3. Jane Boyd Briggs
                            John Boyd Briggs [fiction]
1805. Mrs Davies
                            William Francis du Pasquier [fiction]
1805. Madame de Meyer
1805. Olive Wilmot Serres
                            Caroline Dearn, Mrs George Tomkin and Mrs William Henry Price [fiction]
1805. Mrs Mary Lewis
1800s. Mrs B-ing-ton
1806. Frances Anne Taylor
1807. Lady Mary Campbell
1809. Harriet, Countess of Bessborough
c.1810. Mary Katharine Bolton
1811. Lady Yarmouth
            (Fanny Doubouchet or Wilson)
1811-19. Lady Hertford
1812. Mrs Elizabeth McMahon
1819. Duchess of Richmond
1820. Unknown Woman
                            Amanda, Mrs Charles Wetherbee [fiction]
1820. Mrs Georgiana Quentin
1821. Eliza Chester
1821-30. Lady Conyngham
                            Albert Denison Conyngham, Lord Londesborough [fiction]
(1826). Elizabeth (Adams) Horn
                            Philip Thicknesse Horn [fiction]
1826. Princess Lieven
                            George Alexander Lieven [fiction]
1826. Duchess of Marlborough

13. Queen Caroline (1768-1821)

                            Edwardina Kent, Mrs John Turner Flinn [fiction]
                            William Auston [fiction]
1794-8. Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia
1799. George Canning
1800-1. Sir Thomas Lawrence
1801-2. Sir Sidney Smith
1802-4. Captain Thomas Manby
1805. Henry Hood
1805. John Chester
1805. Captain Moore
1806. Samuel Roberts
1806. Ernest, Duke of Cumberland
1806. Irishman
1807-9. Lord Rivers
1809. Lord Henry Fitzgerald
1810. John William Ward
1810. James Grant Raymond
1813. Pietro Sapio
1814. Captain Charles Hesse
1814-20. Bartolomeo Pergami
                            Victoria Pergami, Countess Belluzzi [fiction]
1815. Joachim Murat, King of Naples

14. Frederick, Duke of York (1763-1827)

1780-1. Letitia, Lady Lade
1781. Lady Melbourne
                            Frederic James Lamb [? uncertain]
1780s. Lady Archer
Before 1784. Eleanor Lacoast
1786-7. Mother of Charles Hesse
                            Charles Hesse [? uncertain]
1786-7. Agnes Gibbes
                            John George Nathaniel Gibbes [fiction]
1799. 'Convenient Wife'
1788-9. Countess of Tyrconnel
1788. Housemaid
1789. Mother of John Molloy
                            John Molloy [? uncertain]
1789-90. Mary, Duchess of Rutland
1791. Frederica, Princess Royal of Prussia
                                                            and Culling Charles Smith
1790s. Mother of John Stilwell
                            John Stilwell [? uncertain]
1793-4. Mother of Richard Lifford
                            Richard Lifford [? uncertain]
after 1795. Cooke and Creswell
1799-1802. Ann Hart or Vandiest
                            Frederick George Vandiest [fact]
                            Louisa Ann Vandiest, Mrs Charles Crokat [fact]
1802. Lucy Sinclair Sutherland
1803-6. Mrs Mary Anne Clarke
                            George Nowell William Clarke [fiction]
                            Ellen Cecily Clarke, Mrs Lewis Mathurin Busson du Maurier [fiction]
1806-27. Mrs Elizabeth Cary
c.1812. Kate North
1817. Mrs Mary White
                            Eleanor White, Mrs Robert Harfield [fiction]
1818-25. Elizabeth, Duchess of Rutland
1827. Unknown Women