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FitzGeorge Parker


In December 1894 Helen Augusta Parker, ostensibly the wife of George Parker, of Birkdale, Lancashire, a merchant or ship broker, began to call herself FitzGeorge Parker, a name then adopted by her eldest son, Philip George Parker, who had been born at Hammersmith in March 1893, and given to her other children born at Birkdale between 1894 and 1902. Helen Augusta Parker had been born at Coventry in 1862, the daughter of a chemist, but had left home by 1881 when she was in service as a governess in Montgomeryshire. She witnessed the marriage of a sister in Foleshill in 1891 and is subsequently said to have been at Mentone in Southern France as a companion to a member of the Von Rosen family. Her marriage has not been found but her husband and the father of her children was ostensibly George Parker. A descendant has a book inscribed to 'Nelly Phillips from G. Parker, 14 April 1889', and others, from 1895 onwards, 'from her husband' or 'from her loving husband' and comments that 'the hands appear to be the same'. No husband was with the family in the 1901 or 1911 census returns.


Helen Augusta Parker and her two sons are known by some of her descendants to have had a close association with George Adshead Wilson (1862-1929), Governing Director of J. and W. Wilson Limited, of 31 Wapping, Liverpool, paint manufacturers and oil merchants, who was also a Lieutenant Colonel and Honorary Colonel in the Liverpool Regiment. Philip George Parker was a Captain in that Regiment and he and his younger brother John Cyril Parker held responsible positions in George Adshead Wilson's company and are mentioned in his will (without the name Fitzgeorge). John Cyril Parker was named a trustee and executor by George Adshead Wilson though this was revoked in a codicil made shortly before he died. John Cyril's son was told that his grandfather had died in 1929.


It thus appears that George Adshead Wilson, who died at 6 Riversdale Road, Aigburth, on 5 May 1929, may have been the same person as 'George Parker' and the father of Helen Augusta's children. She and her daughters are not, however, mentioned in his will. It is possible that a private deed or trust provided for her support. George Adshead Wilson had married Sarah Milne Barnsley in 1884 and they had several children, the youngest, Sybil, being aged 1 in 1891 [1891 Census of Netherwater, Aigburth Road, Toxteth Park]. He made provision for his wife Sarah Milne Wilson in his will. Further information that might throw light on the family would be welcomed.


A descendant of Helen Augusta, aware of an ancestral connection with someone called Wilson, has speculated (in correspondence with the writer and others) that 'George Parker' was in fact Prince George (later King George V) and that the shipping magnate Charles Henry Wilson (1833-1907), created Lord Nunburnholme in 1906, was charged with clearing up the matter. There is no foundation for such a claim.


Helen Augusta's father was:


George Septimus Phillips, born at Coventry, 1829-30 [1871 Census], and baptised at Holy Trinity, Coventry, 24 April 1830, son of Edward and Catherine Phillips [IGI from FHL 502,211]. Of Earl Street, St Michael, Coventry, chemist, 1861 [RG9/2201-21-3]; of 5 Earl Street, Coventry, chemist, 1871 [RG10/3175-10-3] and 1881 [RG11/3066-18-2]; chemist and druggist. He died at Coventry, 20 November 1886 [PPR Calendar], aged 56 [GRO Death Index, 6d 273]. His will dated 2 October 1886 proved at Birmingham, 1 March 1887 [PPR, Personal Effects £50, no leaseholds]. He had married 1stly, at Stoke, Warwickshire, 15 August 1857, Sarah Tann Wells [IGI; GRO Marriage Index, Foleshill RD, 6d 451]. She was baptised at St Michael, Coventry, 14 January 1835, daughter of William Loud Wells and his wife Mary [IGI from FHL 549,659]. Aged 26, 1861. He apparently married 2ndly, between 1862 and 1871, Elizabeth ... She was born at Stoke, Warwickshire, 1842-3 [Census]. Aged 28, 1871; aged 38, 1881; of Grosvenor Street, Coventry, sole legatee and executrix to husband, 1887; of 5 Queen Victoria Road, Coventry, aged 48, living on own means, 1891 [RG12/2451-66-20]. He had (with other) issue by his first wife:


Helen Augusta Phillips, born at Coventry, 11 March 1862 [1939 Register; 1871 Census], and baptised at Holy Trinity, Coventry, 26 June 1862 [IGI from FHL 1,067,411]. Aged 9, scholar, 1871; of Glascoed, Graig, Montgomeryshire, governess in family of Revd John P. Morgan, 1881 [as 'Ellen A. Phillips', RG11/5485-75-8]; witness to marriage of sister Katherine Elizabeth Phillips in Coventry, December Quarter, 1891 [as 'Helen Phillips', Foleshill RD, 6d 897]; of 15 Melrose Gardens, Hammersmith, 1893 [birth (as 'H. Parker') and baptism ('Helena Parker') of son]; of Birkdale, 1894-1902 [births of children]; of 34 Clarence Road, Birkdale, 1900 [birth of daughter]; there, aged 39, wife, married, 1901 [RG13/3533-124-17]; of Breck Head, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire, wife, married 19 years (6 children, 1 dead), 1911 [Census, signs 'Helen Augusta FitzGeorge Parker']; of Breck Meadow, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire, 1919 [marriage of son]; as 'Helen Augusta Fitzgeorge Parker' sold Breck Meadow, The Wash, Chinley, to Nellie Ryder Herbert, 24 December 1920 [Land Registry]; of 1 Essex Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, 1926 [Kelly's Directory, as 'Fitzgeorge Parker']; there, 1928 [Telephone Directory, as 'H.  Fitzgeorge Parker']; moved to Ascot, Berkshire, 1929; of Newlands, Ascot, widow, private means, 1939 [1939 Register, 'Fitz-George-Parker']. She died in Marlborough RD, March Quarter 1965, aged 102 [GRO Death Index, Marlborough 7c 553]; no W/A 1965. She claimed to have married c.1892 [1911 Census], George Parker. Said to be of 15 Melrose Gardens, Hammersmith, general merchant, 1893 [birth of son] or merchant, 1893 [baptism of son]; said to be of 34 Clarence Road, Birkdale, ship broker, 1900 [birth of daughter]; said to be a Major, of Breck Meadow, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire, 1919 [The Times, 30 May 1919, 15c, and 10 July 1944, 1a, re marriage of son]. They had issue (with 1 child who died young):


1a.       Philip George Parker, born at 15 Melrose Gardens, Brook Green, Hammersmith, 12 March 1893 [GRO Birth Certificate; informant mother 'H. Parker'] and baptised at St Simon, Hammersmith, 16 April 1893 [Registers, Page 76, Entry 601, 'son of George & Helena Parker']. Aged 8, 1901; educated at Loretto School, Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland, January 1906 to April 1910 [The Loretto School Register (1949) 154]; aged 18, medical student, 1911 [Census, as 'FitzGeorge Parker']; Lieutenant, 7 November 1914; Captain, late 2/6 (Rifle Battalion), The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 1919 [marriage in The Times]; of Flowerways, How Lane, Chipstead, Surrey, 1925 [Telephone Directories]; named 'Philip George Parker' in will of George Adshead Wilson, 4 April 1928 [PPR 1929]; member of firm of J & W Wilson Ltd, of 31 Wapping, Liverpool, paint manufacturers and oil merchants; of Maer Barton, Bude, 1944-46. He had married at Bromsgrove Parish Church, 10 July 1919, Marjorie Pethybridge Barclay, youngest daughter of Sir Thomas Barclay, of Blackwell, near Bromsgrove [The Times, 30 May 1919, 15c, forthcoming marriage; and re Silver Wedding, 10 July 1944, 1a]. They had issue:


1b.       Timothy Barclay FitzGeorge Parker, born at Chipstead, Surrey, 29 July 1920. Educated at Loretto School, January 1934 to December 1938 [The Loretto School Register (1949) 278], and Royal Military College, Sandhurst; Captain, Royal Scots Greys, 1939; served Syria, North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Germany; taken prisoner at Alamein, escaped, rejoined Regiment; M.C.; major; retired 1949; in show jumping team at Olympics, 1948; of Lambourn, horse trainer, 1951-58; chief racing correspondent, Daily Mail, 1959-71; author of Training the racehorse, etc.; of Stow-on-the-Wold, 1984 [marriage of son]. He died 14 August 2008, aged 86. He had married 1stly, in Honiton RD, December Quarter 1948, Pauline C. Whinney [GRO Marriage Index]. He married 2ndly, in Wells RD, March Quarter 1973, Eleanor Attfield [The Times, 30 December 1972, 16a, forthcoming marriage]. He had issue by both wives.


2b.       Ann 'Katherine' FitzGeorge Parker, born in Croydon RD, June Quarter 1923 [GRO Birth Index]. She married 7 December 1946, Peter Norris Tregoning, M.C. [The Times, 19 October 1946, 7c, forthcoming marriage; BLG ii (1969) 612 sub Tregoning of Landue].


3b.       Helen Mary FitzGeorge Parker, born in Croydon RD, March Quarter 1926 [GRO Birth Index, 2a 587]. She married at Stratton Parish Church, 6 January 1945, Henry Stuart Rogers, 14th Canadian Hussars [The Times, 12 January 1945, 1a].


2a.       Katherine Mary FitzGeorge Parker, born at Birkdale, 3 November 1894 [1939 Register; GRO Birth Index, Ormskirk RD, 8b 799]. Aged 6, 1901; aged 16, student, 1911; of Newlands, Ascot, housekeeper to mother, 1939 [1939 Register].


3a.       Alice Irene FitzGeorge Parker, born at Birkdale, June Quarter 1898 [GRO Birth Index, Ormskirk RD, 8b 807]. Aged 2, 1901; aged 12, school, 1911. She married and had issue.


4a.       Ethel Patricia FitzGeorge Parker, born at 34 Clarence Road, Birkdale, Lancashire, 25 May 1900 [GRO Birth Certificate; informant mother 'Helen Parker']. Aged 10 months, 1901; aged 10, school, 1911. As from Ascot she married at Woodmansterne, 31 March 1938, Eric Tudor Lock, of Kimpton, Hertfordshire [The Times, 4 April 1938, 1a].


5a.       John Cyril FitzGeorge Parker, born at Birkdale, June Quarter 1902 [GRO Birth Index, Ormskirk RD]. Aged 8, school, 1911; of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1927 [birth of son]; returned to England, 1928; as John Cyril Parker of 69 Aigburth Road, Lark Lane, Liverpool, named trustee and executor in will of George Adshead Wilson, 4 April 1928, but revoked in codicil, 1 May 1929 [PPR, 1929]; member of firm of J & W Wilson Ltd, of 31 Wapping, Liverpool, paint manufacturers and oil merchants; of 2 Linnet Lane, Liverpool, 1932 [birth of son]. He had married in Canada, 1926, Eva 'Clara' Bailey. They had issue.


Anthony Camp, 23 September 2009; amended 10 April 2010, 2 May 2010, 3 April 2019.