Anthony J. Camp - Nos. 1-11

Selective pedigree of those members of the royal family discussed

Alleged Mistresses:      Alleged Children:

1. George I (1660-1727)

1676. Anne
1676-7. Countess von Meysenbug-Zuschen
1681. Judith Hawley
                            Henry Hawley [fiction]
1682. Sophia Dorothea, Princess of Celle
1686-1727. Mehmet and Mustafa
1691-1727. Melusine von der Schulenburg, Duchess of Kendal
                             Anna Luisa Sophie von der Schulenburg, Countess Delitz [fact]
                             Petronilla Melusina vone der Schulenburg, Countess of Walsingham [fact]
                             Margarethe Gertrud, Baroness von Oeynhausen [fact]
1700. Countess von Platen, nee Offeln
                              Amelie Ernestine, Countess von Platen, Marquise de la Vrilliere [fiction]
1702-25. Sophia Charlotte von Kielmansegg, Countess of Darlington
                              Sophia Charlotte Mary, Countess von Kielmansegg, Viscountess
                                                                                                         Howe [fiction]
1720s. Mary Leppel
1726-7. Anne Brett

2. Sophia Dorothea of Celle (1666-1726)

1686. Marquis de Lassay
1686-7. Raugraf Karl Ludwig
1689-90. Maximilian, Prince of Brunswick-Luneburg
1689-90. Karl Philipp, Prince of Brunswick-Luneburg
1690-4. Philipp Christoph, Count Konigsmarck

3. George II (1683-1760)

1714-5. Mary Bellenden
1715-34. Mrs Henrietta Howard (Countess of Suffolk)
1720. Mrs Catherine Walpole
1720. Caroline, Princess of Ansbach
1723-4. Mrs Mary Duncklerley
                              Thomas Dunckerley [see separate discussion below]
1730s. Mrs William Clayton (Lady Sundon)
1734-8. Countess of Delorain
1735-60. Amelia Sophia von Wallmoden, Countess of Yarmouth
                               Johann Ludwig, Count von Wallmoden-Gimborn [probably fact]
1744-50. Elizabeth Chudleigh, Duchess of Kingston

4. Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751)

1722. Countess von Delitz
1729. Lady Abergavenny
1730. Miss La Tour
1730-3. Francesca Bertolli
1730. Lady Diana Spencer
1731. Apothecary's daughter
1731. Catherine, Duchess of Queensberry
1731-4. Hon. Anne Vane
                               Cornwall FitzFrederick (or Vane) [fact]
                               Amelia Vane [fact]
1733. Lord Hervey's chambermaid
1733. Lady Louisa Bertie
1735. Lady Archibald Hamilton
1736. Lady Irwin
1736. Comtesse de Marsac
                               Charles Marsack [fiction]
1736. Augusta, Princess of Saxe-Gotha
                and John Earl of Bute
1742. Mrs Sophia Ritso
                               George Frederick Ritso [fiction]
1742-3. Mrs Elizabeth Barnard
                               Frederick Augusta Barnard [fiction]
1745. Mary Allbeary
                               Mary Allbeary [fiction]
1745. Countess of Middlesex
1745. Hon. Elizabeth Granville
1749. Hon. Jane Conway
1750. Miss Fanny Bowyer

5. Princess Amelia (1711-1786)

1729. Duke of Grafton
1730s. Admiral George Brydges Romney
                                Elizabeth Ashe, Mrs Edward Wortley Montagu and Mrs Robert Faulknor
1730s. Duke of Newcastle

6. William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765)

1739. Nanny Wilson.
1742. Anne Williams, Lady Prendergast [see the Addenda to this Website];
                                 William Roberts [fiction]
1744. Lady Anne Montagu
1746. Unknown women
1746. Wibrow Davey, Mrs Suckling
1746. Margaret Eleanor Banks
1746-9. Lady Rochford
1749. Mrs George Pitt
1749. Savoyard Girl
1750s. Sarah Burt
1756. Lady Coventry
1756. Miss Elliot

7. George III (1738-1820)

1738 (sic). Everett Parker    
                                   John Curteis [fiction]
1753. Hannah Lightfoot
                                   George Rex [fiction]
                                   John Rex [fiction]
                                   Sarah Rex [fiction]
                                   George Rex [fiction]
                                   Samuel Lightfoot [fiction]
                                   Parks [fiction]
                                   Catherine Augusta Ritso, Mrs James Dalton [fiction]
                                   John Mackelcan [fiction]
                                   Sir Archibald Christie [fiction]
1757. Anna Maria Hoppner
                                   John Hoppner [fiction]
1757. Petronilla Versturme    
                                   Sir Louis Versturme [fiction]
1759-60. Lady Sarah Lennox
1761. Charlotte, Princess of Mecklenburg, Strelitz
                                                 (and Chevalier d'Eon)
1761. Melissa Blomberg
                                   Frederick William Blomberg [fiction]
1761-2. Mrs Anne Fitzroy
                                   George Ferdinand Fitzroy [fiction]
                                   Charles Fitzroy [fiction]
1762. Mrs Miriam Church
                                   Stephen George Church [uncertain]
1772. Miss Haywood or Hayword
                                   Frances Haywood or Hayword, Mrs Read, Reed or Reid [fiction]
1774. Mrs Charlotte Doyle
                                   Edward Doyle [fiction]
1777. Mrs Anne Lathrop       
                                   Robert William felton Lathrop or Robert Lathrop Murray [fiction]
1781. Lady Bridget Tollemache
1788. Countess of Pembroke

8. Edward Augustus, Duke of York (1739-1767)

1757. Lady Essex
1758. Lady Milbanke
1758-9. Duchess of Richmond
1758-9. Mrs Stephen Poyntz
1758-9. Lady Mary Coke
1759. Kitty Fisher
c.1760. Unknown woman
1760s. Mrs Saunders
1764. Vittoria and Cecilia Chigi Zondadori
1763-7. Angelina Durazzo
1763-4. Ann Catley
c.1765. Unknown woman
c.1766/7. Unknown woman
1766-7. Lady Anne Stanhope
1767. Lucy Propert
                                  Revd. William Groves [fiction]

9. William Henry, Duke of Gloucester (1743-1805)

1764-76. Maria, Countess of Waldegrave
1770-3. Madame Grovestins
1781. Countess Raouska
1783-90s. Lady Almeria Carpenter
                                   Louisa Maria Edsir or Lacoast, Lady Macdonald [? fiction]

10. William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester (1776-1834)

1809. Mrs Maguire
                                   George Joseph Robert Davis Maguire [? fiction]
1811. Elizabeth Elwell
                                   Thomas Elwell [? fiction]
1816. Mother of 'William Frederick'
                                   William Frederick Waldegrave [fiction]

11. Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland (1745-1790)

1765-6. Mrs James Davey
1766. Anna Maria Zamperini
1767-72. Olive Payne or Wilmot
                                    Mrs Olive Serres [fiction]
1767-8. Anne Elliot
1769. Polly Jones
1769. Countess of Donhoff
1769-70. Henrietta, Countess Grosvenor
                                     Richard Grosvenor [? uncertain]
1770-1. Mrs Maria Bayley
1771. Mrs Anne Horton
1777. Mrs Mary Robinson
1786. Lady Elizabeth Foster
1786-90. Mrs Elizabeth Billington