15. William IV (1765-1837)

1779. Mary Elizabeth Pearse
                        Lieut. Thomas Pearse, R.N. [fiction]
1781. Hon. Julia Fortescue
1783. Dona Maria Solano
1783. Charlotte, Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
1783. Maria Schindbach
1783-5. Unnamed Woman
1785. Sarah Martin
1787. Frances Wentworth
1787. Miss Kellett and Miss Lane
1787. Wouski
1788. Sarah Ann Winne
?1788-90. Mrs Courtney
1788-90. Mother of William Henry Courtney
                        William Henry Courtney [fact]
1789. Polly Finch
?c.1789-90. Mrs Elizabeth McMahon
1789-90. Elizabeth Sheridan
1790-2. Caroline von Linsingen
1791-1811. Dorothy Jordan
                        George Augustus Frederick FitzClarence, Earl of Munster [fact]
                        Sophia FitzClarence, Lady De L'Isle and Dudley [fact]
                        Henry Edward FitzClarence [fact]
                        Mary FitzClarence, Mrs Charles Richard Fox [fact]
                        Frederick FitzClarence [fact]
                        Elizabeth FitzClarence, Countess of Erroll [fact]
                        Adolphus FitzClarence [fact]
                        Augusta FitzClarence, Mrs Kennedy Erskine

                                                      and Lady John Frederick Gordon [fact]

                       Augustus FitzClarence [fact]
                       Amelia FitzClarence, Viscountess Falkland [fact]
c.1795. Mrs Petrie
1795-6. Mrs Horsley
after 1797. Mrs Jordan
1809. Dorothea Maria Ford, Mrs Frederick Edward March
1811. Catherine Tylney-Long
1811. Margaret Mercer Elphinstone
1814. Grand Duchess Catherine of Russia
1818. Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham
1818. Adelaide, Princess of Saxe-Meiningen
1833. Emily Bagot

16. Edward, Duke of Kent (1767-1820)

1788. Mrs Rainsford
1788. Marianne Dulac
1799. Anne Scheener
                       Edward Scheener [fiction]
1789. Adelaide Dubus
                       Adelaide Victoire Auguste Dubus [fact]
1790. Violetta
1790-1818. Madame de St Laurent
                       Melanie Caroline Jeanne de Mestre [fiction]    
                       Prosper de Mestre [fiction]
                       Louisa Green [fiction]
                       Isabella Hyde, Mrs John Whyte [fiction]
                       William Goodall Green [fiction]
                       Robert Wood [fiction]
                       John Edward Rees [fiction]
                       Mary Elizabeth Rees [fiction]
                       Sophia Kentish [fiction]
1790. Charlotte Fisher
                       Elizabeth Fisher, Lady Conroy [fiction]
1794. Eliza Green
                       Louisa Green, Mrs William Grant and Mrs Edward Aitchison [fiction]
                       William (John) Goodall Green [fiction]
c.1795. Mrs Petrie
1799. Maria Williams
                       Sir William Fenwick Williams [fiction]
1800. Elizabeth Kent
                       Samuel Savill Kent [fiction]
1813. Jane Carter
                       Jane Ash Carter, Mrs James Burnett Burnett [? fiction]
1818. Victoria, Princess of Leiningen
                                            (and Sir John Conroy)

17. Princess Augusta (1768-1840)

1812. Brent Spencer

18. Princess Elizabeth (1770-1840)

1787. George Carpenter
1787. Thomas Stone
1788. George or William Ramus
                       Elizabeth Louise Ramus, Mrs James Money and Mrs Edward Plunkett [fiction]
1802-18. Lord Saint Helens
1818. Frederick Joseph, Prince of Hesse-Homburg

19. Ernest, Duke of Cumberland (1771-1851)

1790. Violetta
1793-6. Miss Knissel [see Additions]
                       George FitzErnest, Mr Cumberland [fact]
1800. Princess Sophia
1801. Girl in St Giles
1809. Countess of Oxford
1809. Mrs Mary Ann Sellis
                       Ernest Augustus Sellis [fiction]
1812. Mrs Charlotte Nugent
1815. Frederica, Princess of Solms-Braunfels
1829. Lady Lyndhurst
1829-32. Lady Graves
1842. Countess Grote

20. Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843)

1791. Princess of Monaco
1791-2. Lady Anne Hatton
1793-1800. Lady Augusta Murray
                       Augustus Frederick d'Este [fact]
                       Augusta Emma d'Este, Lady Truro [fact]
1797-8. Giuseppina Grassini1802.
1802. Lady of Fashion
1806-7. Mrs Elizabeth Preisig
                       Louisa Preisig, Mrs Thomas Wildman [fiction]
                       Caroline Preisig [? fiction]
1808-10. Elizabeth Billington
1810. Mrs Patience Freeth
1812-13. Miss Tranter
                       Lucy Beaufoy Tranter, Mrs C.G. Tranter and Mrs George Thomee [fiction]
1825-6. Mary Ann Bennett
                       Augustus Frederick Bennett [fiction]
1831-43. Lady Cecilia Underwood, Duchess of Inverness

21. Princess Sophia (1777-1848)

1794. Isaac Corry
                       Catherine Jane Corry, Mrs Edward Wykeham Dickenson [fiction]
1800. General Thomas Garth
                       Captain Thomas Garth [? fiction]
1800. Christopher Papendiek

22. Princess Amelia (1783-1810)

1798. Dr Robert Keate
1801-10. General Hon. Charles FitzRoy
                       Maria Theresa Villiers, Mrs Thomas Henry Lister and Lady Lewis [fiction]
1810. Edmund Phelps
                       Selena Eliza Phelps [fiction]

23. George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904)

1840-90. Sarah Fairbrother, Mrs FitzGeorge [see also the Addenda etc to this website]
                       Louise Catherine FitzGeorge, Mrs Francis Fisher Hamilton [fiction]
                       George William Adolphus FitzGeorge [fact]
                       Adolphus Augustus Frederick FitzGeorge [fact]
                       Augustus Charles Frederick FitzGeorge [fact]
1841-2. Lady Augusta Somerset
1847-82. Mrs Louisa Beauclerk
1854. Mrs Burton
1860. Princess Alice
1888-1904. Mrs Robert Vyner

24. Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

1833-4. Duke of Wellington
                       Marcos Manoel [fiction]
1834-8. Unnamed Suitors
1836. Lord Elphinstone
1837. Edward Butter Hunnings
1838. Lord Alfred Paget
1840-61. Albert, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
                                              (with note on Ferdinand von Meyern)
1866. John Brown